Our Services

Full Service Credentialing
We offer completion of credentialing applications for insurance carriers and hospitals.  We also provide all necessary follow-up with insurance carriers and track the application from the start through the final approval.  

Medical Billing
Data Entry - We pick or receive electronically information from the provider/practice.  We input the services into our medical software or into the physician's software for billing.

Claim Filing - We file clean insurance claims to all carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid.  Using the latest technology and practices the vast majority of claims will be submitted electronically allowing for fast, efficient payments.

Follow-Up - We provide follow-up on all unpaid or denied claims.  We ensure the insurance companies receive all needed information so they can complete the processing and payment of claims

Patient Statements
We print and mail out patient statements from our office on behalf of the physician/practice on a monthly basis.

Shared-Risk Pricing
Our medical billing services operate on a risk-shared model: We only get paid on claims that pay.  You can be sure we're working hard to optimize the financial performance of your practice.