It is our mission for our experienced staff of certified medical coders to obtain accurate, complete and timely payments from all third party payers and patients while adhering to the highest moral, ethical, legal and practical business standards.

Healthcare billing is an ever more complex endeavor due to constant changes in rules, updates and compliance regulations from the insurance carriers as well as the upcoming implementation of ICD-10.  Add to this the greater efficiency provided by teams dedicated to nothing but medical billing and you can see why more and more physicians are choosing the option to outsource.  Outsourcing allows providers to spend their time doing what they do best: Caring for their patients!

We believe that you'll see the best results when services are tailored to fit your needs, so that's exactly what we do.  We'll work with you to determine the most appropriate mix of services for your organization and then get to work maximizing your bottom line.  We employ a  shared-risk pricing model: we only get paid on claims that pay.  You can be sure we're working hard to optimize the financial performance of your practice.

We service ALL provider types and specialties including OT, PT, SP, podiatry, mental health, family care, and urgent care and pediatric services.

We can manage the entire claims process from start to finish, including A/R management, claims processing, telephone support for patients, as well as monthly billing reports.  If you're ready to hand off all or part of your medical billing and get back to what matters, contact us today!